Sunday, 1 August 2010

Zener Diode

Did a promo shoot last weekend with Zener Diode, a seven-piece electro-rock band. It's been on the cards for a while, but various little niggles caused us to reschedule a few times before we were finally all go.

I had a wee gander at a few potential locations, but all of the best ones would have required James Bond-esque circumventions of security, so in the end I rather dispiritedly suggested the abandoned railway station under the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, where I shot last month with Lily LeStrange. It felt like an absence of creativity for me to return there so soon, but fortunately the other participants were all very enthusiastic.

We didn't get started until almost 6pm, and I feel like I struggled. Ideas were in short supply, and the receding evening light was forcing me into uncomfortable shutter speeds and ISOs. Inevitably, I was less than thrilled with the end results, but both the band and the art director (I was really just the jobbing camera operator) were delighted. And since it was their money, I guess their satisfaction is what matters.

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