Sunday, 18 April 2010

Modelling website upgrades

Got a bit of a busy summer planned as far as model photography's concerned. My recent shoot with Rage was the first of several which were, directly or indirectly, spurred by me upgrading my Purestorm online portfolios to a paid account, which made me more visible on the site.

I currently have the dress rehearsals and publicity material for Romeo & Juliet tonight, two confirmed waterfall shoots in May, a bit of portfolio enhancement for a pal of Rage who's new to modelling, and about half a dozen other shoots which I've still to finalize.

Feeling perky about my togging, and with a wee bit of spare cash burning a hole in my pocket thanks to recent circumstances, I decided to go hog wild: I upgraded my ModelMayhem portfolio to a paid account as well, splashed out on an ad-free version of my Wix website, and bought myself a dedicated domain name to point to it.

So gaze in wonder, puny mortals, at the majesty of...

Friday, 9 April 2010

Red Rage

After emerging from my photographic hibernation recently, I was contacted by Rage (aka Lou), a model who'd spotted my (newly upgraded) PureStorm portfolio. I'd already seen her own stuff and liked it, so once we got chatting, things started moving quickly. I ended up volunteering for a fashion shoot she was planning, since she's the "face" of an aspiring corsetiere and needed some promotional shots of their latest creation.

Now, I'm normally a bit rubbish with fashion, but this one turned out swell. Good location, nice outfits, and even the weather was reasonable. And as for Lou, she's supposedly not very experienced, but she was striking poses like a pro as soon as I got my lens cap off. Photogenic, a total natural in front of the camera, and didn't need any direction all day. And thank gawd, the pictures turned out quite well too, at least I think so.

PS I never did ask her why she was called "Rage". Perfectly charming lassie the whole time she was with me, but maybe she has a dark side...?