Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lesbians for Rent (no, really, I mean it this time)

In my original blog post a week ago, I expressed my mock outrage at how I was lured to a photoshoot for the Pantheon Theatre's production of Rent under false pretences: "There'll be lesbians there, G", promised my actress friend Kazza B, one of the ensemble cast. Yeah, right. Two men cuddling doth not a Sapphic fantasy make.

But here I now stand, chastened and corrected, and I hereby offer my sincerest apologies: Kaz, you are a lady as good as your word. Thanks to her logistical skills in organizing a second shoot, and the willingness of fine female fespians Beth Miller and Kelly Robertson to "get into character" at the drop of a hat (or a lens cap), I did indeed get my hot lezzie action. And to be absolutely honest--I've had worse Tuesdays. They may not be the most technically accomplished photos I've ever taken, but I suspect that once posted to Flickr, they will quickly become my most popular. I only hope the publicity material I was able to provide is sufficient repayment.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lesbians for Rent

Or not.

On Friday afternoon, shortly before the end of work, friend and colleague Kazza B asked me for a favour: would I be interested in shooting some publicity photos for her theatre group's latest production, Rent (at the Gilmorehill Theatre G12 from 12–16 May, get tickets while you still can, etc etc)?

To sweeten the offer, she promised me lesbians. Rent is a rock musical about some very Bohemian Noo Yoikers living in the shadow of AIDS, so of course there's going to be lots of very "not-middle-of-the-road" characters. If I could turn up with my camera, KB more-or-less almost sort-of guaranteed that there'd be nubile young actresses everywhere, getting into character by grabbing each other's wobbly bits and so forth.

No such luck. There were two quite hairy blokes getting it on, and I spent some time shooting them, but it just wasn't the same. Also, there was one pretty young lass in a see-through mesh top, skirt up to here, fishnets, and kinky thigh-high black leather boots, but she spent most of the afternoon draped over a red-blooded male. Last time I checked, there was nothing remotely Sapphic about that kind of behaviour.

So, KB, if you're reading this: you owe me some hot lezzie action.