Monday, 11 May 2009

La photographie bohème

Aside from the two publicity shoots I did for the Pantheon Theatre company, I was also at the dress rehearsal, to try and capture a record of the show for historic purposes. I was at my trigger-happy, quantity-over-quality worst that night, going through a record-setting one and a half batteries and four and a half CF cards in the space of three hours. Pitiful keeper rate, but we'll skip past that with a nonchalant whistle.

Anyhoo, Kazza B suggested that I just put all my photos on one CD for distribution among the cast. I was a bit reticent; there were almost 2700 shots altogether, and if I was just going to dump them en masse, then I wouldn't really get a chance to tidy them up with post-processing so they'd be seeing the worst of my work, and none of my best. Still, the customer is always right, so I did as instructed.

Nevertheless, it nagged me that I hadn't put together something a little more professional for them, especially since they'd crossed my palm with silver. I eventually put together a sort of montage, by picking out the best shots and matching them to the songlist for the show. I wanted to build up a kind of slideshow, but to my surprise Google's Picasa is a bit sniffy about adding music, so after trying out a couple of other approaches, I ended up just putting everything together in Windows Movie Maker and uploading the .wmv to Vimeo. It's not ideal, but I guess it'll have to do.

Rent from gdelargy on Vimeo.

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