Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sentinels of Rock'n'Roll

There was something uniquely satisfying about this commission. I’ve had paid jobs before, and I’ve been published before, but this was the first instance of a customer hiring me on the basis of previous work of mine that they’d seen.

The Sentinels of Rock'n'Roll are a newly established six-/seven-piece functions band, doing covers of classic rock anthems at weddings, bar mitzvahs, christenings, funerals, circumcisions, etc. They’re led by the husband and wife team of Alan and Lindsay Fraser, the former of whom was the musical director for Rent, a show I was hired to do publicity shots for a couple of months ago.

We arranged to meet in Maryhill, and got a few moody shots of the band posing by the Kelvin Walkway. Then as per Lindsay’s suggestions, I did a bit of post-processing to desaturate everything except their blue jeans. I went into the studio with them afterwards as well, but had less success there; an ultra-wide lens and good lighting equipment were needed, and I had neither. Still, it worked out OK altogether, and when they get themselves a gig I might just troop along and take some snaps for posterity.

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