Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lesbians for Rent (no, really, I mean it this time)

In my original blog post a week ago, I expressed my mock outrage at how I was lured to a photoshoot for the Pantheon Theatre's production of Rent under false pretences: "There'll be lesbians there, G", promised my actress friend Kazza B, one of the ensemble cast. Yeah, right. Two men cuddling doth not a Sapphic fantasy make.

But here I now stand, chastened and corrected, and I hereby offer my sincerest apologies: Kaz, you are a lady as good as your word. Thanks to her logistical skills in organizing a second shoot, and the willingness of fine female fespians Beth Miller and Kelly Robertson to "get into character" at the drop of a hat (or a lens cap), I did indeed get my hot lezzie action. And to be absolutely honest--I've had worse Tuesdays. They may not be the most technically accomplished photos I've ever taken, but I suspect that once posted to Flickr, they will quickly become my most popular. I only hope the publicity material I was able to provide is sufficient repayment.

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