Sunday, 18 November 2007

Roger Albert Clark Rally

This was almost a very frustrating day, until the very, very last minute.

I'd planned to go to the RAC Classic Rally in the Borders, my first rally since getting the camera. According to the entry list there were some good cars showing up, and the nature of rallying makes it a bit more photogenic than other racing.

However, after sleeping in I was a bit late getting to the only feasible stage, and half the good cars were no-shows. I ended up with six or seven good shots, but all from very similar vantage points so they looked too same-y. It was only some heavy post-processing in Photoshop which made them salvageable.

On the way back I stopped off by Adrossan, one of my more common seaside hang-outs. While there I shot off a couple of very casual shots of the evening sky. Wasn't happy with them when I looked at the camera's LCD, and though no more about it until I got back home. Turns out one of them was a corker, a nice panorama of dark sea and sky split by a golden strip of sunset, with a tanker silhouetted on the horizon.

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