Sunday, 9 September 2007

MLR sprint, Ingliston

The biggest bugbear with my old Nikon E2200 was the crappy shutter lag. I'd been to Knockhill a couple of times for trackdays and such, and panning shots were a dead loss. Before buying my Canon I'd tried out a Fuji S9600, supposedly one of the best superzooms you could buy, but I found that to be laggy too. It was that experience as much as any that pushed me towards a DSLR.

Ironic then, that it too me almost six months to go to a motorsport event with my camera. The Mitsubishi Lancer Register, Britain's largest Lancer Evo owners' club, organized an against-the-clock "sprint" race at Ingliston race circuit, so I wandered along in my own old Galant to see what I could get.

Answer: not much. I need to work on my technique.

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