Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Veverka with Roxy

Long-time muse Roxy Stardust asked me if I wanted to do a glamorous Valentine-themed pin-up shoot with her, and of course I did. I always felt like I'd never shown her at her best, unless you consider a woman's best to be covered in gore and chewing at a chain-link fence.

After asking around, I decided to try Veverka Studios in Blantyre. Decent location, good prices, and recommended by Greig Middlemiss, an experienced friend and colleague who runs Different Light Photography and the Scottish Creative Network.

However, on the day things didn't go as planned. Poor Roxy was under the weather and didn't feel at all glam (although she did give 100% as usual), and I... well, I stank. I'm going through a crisis of confidence at the moment, and this was not helping. Aside from the steep learning curve ~ it was my first studio shoot ~ I was just creatively bankrupt that day. The images were bland and unimaginitive, and I knew it.

Eventually, Roxy suggested that I bring in Mr Bones. I went out to the car and fetched his body bag, and we got to work. I can't say I was thrilled at the day as a whole, but at least thanks to the macabre chemistry between my two favourite subjects, we were able to salvage something.

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