Friday, 16 October 2009

Sort of my own website

Since I signed up to several modelling sites lately (ModelMayhem, Purestorm, Net-Model and Freshfaced), I've begun to notice the restrictions that photo-hosting websites like Flickr and DeviantArt have, especially with regard to content filtering. It can be difficult to advertise/promote yourself if the art nude or gory pictures you've taken are being blocked by those sites' nannyish "won't somebody please think of the children?!" approach. More significantly, I'd like to be able to point clients at a single site and say, "there you go, have a look at all my work", without worrying if they've got prior membership or viewing rights.

The modelling sites themselves have only a very restricted amount of space for members like me: about 7-10 pictures in total, which is the absolute minimum I'd expect to deliver to a model/client for a single shoot. I understand that they need to try and make a living, but I'm a part-timer and likely to stay that way. If I'm already paying Flickr every year, should I have to pay MM, DA, PS, et all too, just for hosting the same photos? Blehh to that.

Anyhoo, after I noticed that Sazza, the lovely model from my debut shoot, had set up her own website, I thought that'd be a decent approach; a single site, no content restrictions, and I could filter out the crud that wasn't really relevant to modelling stuff. It took a bit of wrestling with initially, but once I figured out my way around it was fairly plain sailing. Therefore, ladies and germs, I can now bring to you:

gdelargy photography at

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