Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fliss and Roxy

A couple more shoots with models lately, following on from my adventures oop north. At the beginning of October I met up with Fliss82, a Purestorm model who'd contacted me requesting my services as a 'tog. It went kinda OK, but not brilliant; the weather was very changeable, neither sunny enough nor wet enough for any real drama, and the wind was a bit of a pisser. I ended up with only nine pictures I felt were good enough for her portfolio, plus a couple of out-takes that might amuse her too. Very blah.

Fast forward about ten days, and I had a slightly more eventful shoot closer to home. My collaborator (she hates the word "model") was the extremely funky MM'er Roxy Stardust, who had contacted me a month ago, looking to work together. I threw a couple of ideas her way and she loved 'em both, so after a bit of to'ing and fro'ing, we planned a meet. I'd bring the chicken wire, she'd bring claws, fangs, and some fake blood. Now this is my kinda photoshoot!

Basically, I wanted to turn her feral ~ the kind of person you meet if your wandering through a post-apocalyptic landscape in a Hollywood blockbuster ~ and then have her chew through some mesh on her way to attacking the photographer. Think Shaun of the Dead meets The Road Warrior. The whole thing went swimmingly; Roxy brought a wonderful wee bag of tricks that included her own DSLR (Nikon D40) and a fake rubber arm, which we managed to incorporate into the finale as a kind of "what happened to the shooter after she chewed her way through the fence". A real blast of a day, and some good results too. Woo-hoo for me.

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